Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program involves music, drama and art.   Mrs. Loeppky’s degree in Music Therapy has enabled our Music Program to excel.  Not only are the students learning fundamental music skills, but they are joyously discovering abilities, being encouraged to attempt new musical avenues and producing beautiful music.  Worship is woven throughout the classes naturally so that the students are continually learning to “Sing unto the Lord a new song.”

In addition to the two full performances at Christmas and Easter at The Clark Theatre, students have opportunity to be involved in chapel leadership with voice or instrument.  Choreography and dance are, on occasion, used to complement the musical artistic expression. The Gr. 6-12 Chamber Choir visits several churches and is featured at VCS events throughout the year. 

In addition to rhythm instruments, chimes and recorders are taught.

Depending on the availability of a teacher, violin lessons have been available or a weekly guitar club has been offered in Elementary.
A Fine Arts Evening, comprised of students’ artwork, music and drama, occurs regularly at VCS.

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