Teachers and Staff

Mr. Greg Sharpe, our Interim Principal, came to VCS with many year experience as a principal in the public school system. His heart for God has already blessed many of our students in his short time here. Mr. Sharpe loves to spend tine with his grandchildren. When he's not at the school, he and his wife enjoy the quiet at their cabin.

Kayla Agawin, our Grade 6 teacher, is on maternity leave and enjoying her new daughter Lennon at the moment.  She has a passion for teaching and also brings to us lots of experience from her years at Camp Luther.    She is fluent in Spanish and fluent in lifeguarding!
Tyleen Algera is one of the SEAs for the Gr. 7 and 8 classes and can often be seen in the hallways, helping her charges or on a walk with one who needs some time out.  Tyleen juggles her work here with being a pastor’s wife and a mother to two boys at VCS. 
Lynn Braaksma is a high school SEA who somehow finds time to drive the school bus as well.  Lynn and her husband Sid are parents to a former student, in-laws to another former student, and grandparents to two lovely Gr. 3 girls.  Lynn has brought lots of homeschooling experience to bear in her position and specializes in Science and Math. 
Brittney Dagneau, our Kindergarten teacher, is super excited to be teaching our youngest students this year. She is very involved at her Church, being a pastor's wife. Her and her husband are expecting their first child next year. Congratulations, Mrs. Dagneau!
Karyssa Ediger, daughter of Troy and Robin Ediger and well-loved SEA from the past, and is back in the office this year. She has been switching VCS onto the MyEd student information system.  She attended VCS for nine years as a student. When not at VCS, Karyssa likes 4 x 4ing and racecar driving.
Robin Ediger is our Administrative Assistant who looks after the front desk, handling phone calls, responding to emails, and answering any questions you may have. She has been connected to VCS for many years by marriage to Mr. Ediger and as a parent to Karyssa Ediger (and Daniel).
Troy Ediger is the gentle giant that teaches Gr. 4/5. Troy has been teaching at VCS for 28 years and is a much loved teacher that often has former students come by to say hi. He enjoys 4 x 4ing, as long as it’s not in a Ford. Troy is husband to Robin and father to Karyssa.
Donna Edward, our Grade 2 teacher, has served faithfully at VCS for 20+ years and seen her four boys move through the grades at VCS. Donna loves performing skits for her students when teaching Bible lessons. Donna's 5 grandchildren have also attended VCS.
Lyndsay Edward is a well-loved SEA on maternity leave. She has a generous heart and is always looking for ways to help out people in need. Lyndsay and her husband now have five children.
Shivonne Gerhardt, our Grade 3 teacher, is patient and loving. She inspires her students to do their very best in all things and they're ready for the challenge. Her daughter also attends VCS.
Irene Goertz, has joined our full time staff as one of the Gr. 7/8 teachers. She leads the students in bootcamp activities, splashing through the stream, and thoroughly enjoys our great outdoors. Mrs. Goertz is married to our sometimes bus driver, Jim Goertz.
Trina Graham has enjoyed teaching the Gr. 1 class last year and this year, has gone on maternity leave to enjoy time with her new baby, Stella. Trina is almost always the first one at school in the mornings; we suspect it’s so she won’t have to fight anyone for the copy machine.
Donna Herrewynen is the much loved SEA in the Gr. 2 class.  Donna’s guitar playing can be heard in class and in chapel and she lends a valuable helping hand during Christmas and Easter programs.  Donna and her husband Ken are the parents of three adults, all of whom attended VCS in yesteryears.
Mr. Clarence Janzen has assumed the position of Biology and Chemistry teacher at VCS as well as Gr. 9 and 10 Math and Science.   Mr. Janzen’s fervour for God’s creation spills over into every subject he teaches and has equipped generations of high school students with answers from science and the Bible to refute evolutionary misinformation.  On weekends, Mr. Janzen is a sought after speaker for Creation Ministries International.
Lorna Johnson, Financial Officer, is in only on Wednesdays, which means she is a very busy lady.  No matter.  She will find time to meet you and answer your questions.  Lorna travels from Chilliwack, often bringing her little dog, Mitze, to hang out in the office with her.
Rita Kern, our Grade 5/6 teacher, joined us last year from South Africa. She is easy-going and is a joy to be around. Her flexibility and passion for teaching are a great asset. Rita has 3 precious sons.
Julie Loeppky is enjoying her third year at VCS, teaching Music to the Elementary and Middle School classes, but she also teaches Chamber Choir to a select group of Gr. 6-12 musicians.  Mrs. Loeppky's creativity and giftedness are matched only by her passion for unlocking every student's ability using music as the key.  She has a degree in Music Therapy.  Christmas and Easter programs provide additional venues for her artistic abilities.
Trish Lokau, our Grade 7/8 humanities teacher, is new to VCS and is settling in to her new role. She was recently married, and we're happy to have her as part of our team!
Cynthia Marko has a passion for teaching our little ones at VCS. She always has a smile on her face and a word of encouragement for everyone. She recently went on sabbatical leave and will be travelling through Israel as God leads her.
Sheelah Meade comes by way of connections to THREE staff or board members.  Sheelah is establishing herself as one of the VCS high school SEAs, and doing a very good job of it.
Shannon Medina is currently on maternity leave, but has been involved in our Drama Department. She also stepped into Gr. 5 last year as their homeroom teacher, a real answer to prayer. Shannon and her husband have three boys, Emilio and Amedeo in the primary grades, as well as Matteo their newborn.
Renee Pringle is a capable SEA who has moved across the grades, wherever the need was greatest.  She and her husband have two children, one in Gr. 4 and one preschool aged girl.  Renee is always a great contender in any friendly competition at school.
Mr. Mark Sanders is very comfortable in his role as the high school Mathematics, Calculus, and Physics teacher at VCS. He brings a wealth of teaching experience in these areas but also has a passion for teaching Bible to high school students and seeing lives positively impacted. He and Mr. Janzen have been friends and colleagues for many years.
Mariana Schiopu is the SEA in the Gr. 4 classroom and like a mother to the whole class.  Her smile and positive outlook are very contagious.  She is a high energy person who is always scurrying to get the job done.
Luanne Sivertsen transferred to the Kindergarten last year to become a Teacher Aide, and all of the Kindergarten families are glad she made that move.  Always encouraging, always looking out for her charges, and always being an encouragement to other staff members, Luanne and her husband have two precious little granddaughters.  Did you want to see their pictures?
Deanna Wells, high school SEA, puts her heart and soul into her calling day in and day out, and yet is willing to take on extra projects like locking up and unlocking at Parkside Church, for example.  What would we do without her!  Deanna and her husband have four children, former VCS students, and a quiver full of grandchildren. Or maybe it’s not full yet.
Caroline Winship, our Grade 1 teacher, loves teaching her students about God's creation and His promises to us. Her organization and dedication to education are a real asset to our VCS family. After school, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.
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