Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Education:

The Outdoor Education Program at Valley Christian School is designed to engage Kindergarten to Gr. 12 students in experiences outside of the classroom.  

While opportunities vary from grade to grade, the underlying philosophy of our Outdoor Education Program remains the same.  We believe in getting students out of the classroom and into the beautiful outdoors that God has created so that an appreciation and understanding of the outdoors is learned while developing skills and attitudes that will serve them for their whole lives.  Learning teamwork and bonding with other students are added benefits.

Kindergarten students experience the outdoors while learning about First Nations people:

Gr. 1-4 students experience snow sliding, hiking, and playing at the ocean:

Gr. 5-8 students experience hiking, running and a campout at Camp Kawkawa:

Gr. 9-12 students experience a two day campout at Camp Kawkawa, hiking, running, canoeing, a bicycle trip, and a SALTS sailing trip in June:

The Gr. 9-10 Outdoor Ed class also takes part in a variety of outdoor activities and will be expected to develop and demonstrate a variety of skills for outdoor activities, plan and implement ways to reduce potential impacts of outdoor activities on the local environment, assess and monitor risks, monitor exertion levels, energy levels, environmental conditions, and demonstrate responsibility for personal safety and the safety of others.  If there is snow, they will build a quinzee.
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