We are very excited to roll out our new Uniform Dress Code in the fall of 2017!  The uniforms will be simpler and more casual, and the students will be able to wear them with pride.  The athletics uniforms will be new and colorful and promote team spirit on and off the court.

Our uniform policy encourages standards of dress and appearance that reflect the conduct, attitudes and the quality of VCS and allows the greater community to recognize our students as a group of young people who share common education and spiritual goals.

Why Do We Have Uniforms in the First Place?
  • Modesty and neatness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Efficiency through simplicity
  • Students are able to focus on their studies
  • Calm, polite, attentive classroom atmosphere
  • Students find ways to express themselves creatively through the arts, music, sports, personality and academic achievement rather than through their clothing
  • Minimizing of economic differences
  • Students are easily identifiable

VCS Uniform Dress Code

All members of the school:  students, parents, teachers and administration can work together to support the Uniform Dress Code and to promote a sense of pride in the school.

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