From Explosions to Exploration

Wow! It’s been a long time since my graduation from Valley Christian School in 1999!  I had the pleasure of attending VCS from 1995 through 1999, all my high school years. It was a very positive experience and changed my life forever.
I developed lifelong friendships with some of my classmates and we still get together to reminisce. I have always been intrigued by science but one after school chemistry project with Mr. Manser really stands out in my memory. We performed a “classic” energetic material lab producing nitrogen tri-iodide, commonly used as a prank by chemist-types. When the product dries, it is highly unstable and detonates with a loud bang and a puff of purple staining iodine vapor. While drying overnight, the rumble of a passing train set the experiment off! While the bang fell on deaf ears, the iodine vapor cloud caused the walls of the science lab to turn purple overnight – literally, so we had to spend time scrubbing that all off. It was worth it though!

The earth science fieldtrip to Mt. St. Helens also stands out. We were able to see the amazing regeneration of the devastated landscape after the 1980 volcano. Some of the natural formations evolutionary scientists thought would take millions of years took only minutes to form. It was a pleasure to have Mr. Manser and other teachers year after year. Strong student-teacher relationships developed, whereby students were encouraged continually and their individual needs were met.

I have been married for almost 7 years and have a 3 ½ year old son. After 10 years of various occupations, I decided to go back to school, and have just finished my second year at BCIT in the Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology program. It is an interesting amalgamation of chemistry, geology and engineering. I am enjoying it very much, although it has been very challenging balancing school and family life, and dealing with the secular perspective from which the sciences are taught. I am grateful that science at VCS was taught from a creation standpoint. It has helped me gain perspective and look for God’s “fingerprints” in the world around us.

Without VCS I really don’t have a clue where or what I would be today. God used VCS to do great things in my life, for which I am greatly thankful to all the teachers and staff who invested their time and energy in my life. I think that today schools such as VCS are extremely important for the future of our children. Having worked with youth for the past 12 years I have seen the difficulties, pressures and situations they face every day. It is important to raise our children and educate them with Christian principles. For this reason I will have my children educated where they will have a quality education like I had, surrounded by future lifelong friends, teachers and staff that truly want the best for them and want them to succeed in life.

Josh Pringle,
Former VCS Student, 1995 to 1999

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